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Specialized Support Coordination

Specialized Support Coordination is an NDIS funded Support where it is primarily designed to make sure that you get the most out of your NDIS funding. It is a high level of support coordination. This type of coordination can only be accessed by people who are in more complex situations and require specialist support. A specialist support coordinator also aids in supporting individuals to manage challenges in their support environment whilst also ensuring that they receive consistent high delivery of service. At My Choice we have a team of training Specialized Support Coordinator with a wide range of experiences.

Support Coordination

Support coordination consists of working with individuals in order to build the skills they need to in order to understand, implement and use their plan. Support coordinators work with individuals in order to ensure that they receive a variety of supports that aids in increasing and enhancing the person’s capacity to better maintain relationships, manage service delivery tasks, live a more independent life and to participate in community-based activities.

Our role at my Choice and Network is help you research the providers available to you and help you negotiate with them your support. We can also ensure all your service providers are working together efficiently.

Support Work

We offer support work and our participants can choose from over 45 trained Support Workers. The responsibilities of a support worker can vary from aiding individuals in day-to-day living such as completing household chores, accessing community facilities and even meeting new and people making friends.  

Support Work includes:

  • In-home care (assistance of showering, cleaning, and gardening)
  • Community Access (Shopping, attending appointments or even going out for a coffee)
  • Mentoring (to improve self-esteem, social skills, and behavioral competence)